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INSIDE JOB America’s Fraud Crisis

The Governments are

the Perpetrators

The Page will reveal how Real Estate and Financial Scams are all vastly an INSIDE GOVERNMENT JOB

RICO REALTY The Looted Trillions

Jun 22, 2017 – COM trillions looted bank fraud land swindles – Bing Intelligent search from Bing makes it . ….. Posted 27th October 2017 by Judson Witham …

THE DIRT DEALERS are the CLINTONISTAS and the BUSHS, OBAMAS and TRUMPS little Dirt Flipping Dirst Dealing Daisy Chaining FLIIPIN CRIMINAL Cabal PALS ….. Whistle is Blown They are EXPOSED ” The Great American Laundry ”


Real Estate Fraud Bank Looting Subprime JUDSON WITHAM – Bing ……

LOTS OF INDICTMENTS … Land & Bank Scams 101 | Trillions Stolen

For TRILLIONS ( by Judson Witham ) The truly … Road Fortunes …….. LAND FRAUDS SCHEMES AND SWINDLES are in fact a …

About Trillions Looted … THE MEN & WOMEN WHO “CRASHED THE

See KAT WOOLFORD Judson Witham Texas Land Frauds Judson Witham Mr. … COM trillions lootedbank fraud land swindles – Bing Intelligent search from …

The Great Texas Bank Job …… The Paper Con Job ……

trillions looted bank fraud land swindles – Bing Intelligent search from Bing makes it easier to quickly find … Jun 25, 2015 – Uploaded by Witham Judson.

Trillions Stolen …… Looting of a Nation ~ Houston | GoldisMoney … › … › Home › Forums › Discussions

Sep 4, 2017 – 1 postTrillions Stolen … … TEXAS is FULL of Financial and Land Frauds … … TEXAS IS A GIANT HOT BED OF LAND SWINDLES AND FINANCIAL FRAUDS ….. Judson Witham Mispression of Felonies, Cover Up The Great Texas …

America Looted Stupid – The Great Global Bank Job | The ……/america-looted-stupid-the-global-…

Jan 2, 2017 – I’m Thinking Judson Witham WAS NOT NUTS no not at all . … /videos/search?q=trillions+looted+subprime+bank+fraud+land+swindles&FORM=HDRSC3 … Land Grabbing 101 The Great American Land Swindles on Vimeo.

Beware of the “SUBPRIME” Gangster Bankster “TOXIC ZOMBIE ……/beware-of-the-gangster-bankster-ranchero-rack…

Sep 28, 2016 – Way before the Kingpin of Arizona and the California Land Swindles … Where oh where did all the Trillions Vanish To ? …..

Land Scamming Bank Looting America All the Minerals Gas and Oil…

LOOTING TRILLIONS the Largest INSIDE JOB EVER BEWARE OF THE GANGSTER BANKSTERS …. The Continuing … Can You Remember all the ARKANSAS and TEXAS Land Swindles …… YUP from ….. Vimeo /


Looted Stupid the missing American TRILLIONS on Vimeo › Witham Judson › Videos 26:20
 Apr 11, 2016 – Uploaded by Witham JudsonBank Swindles and Dirt Dealing Land Speculation 101 CLINTONIAN STYLE BANK ROBBING …… The TAYLOR …

The GREAT TEXAS Land Swindles Savings and Loans Banks

In the Hispanic Community these Illegal Land Developments are known as Colonias. If you do a Web Search of the Terms Illegal Subdivisions and Colonias in Texas ypou will quickley learn that [EMAIL PROTECTED] the author of the Great Texas Bank Job has the Federal and State Governments Down and DIRTY in Texas .

IOLANI – The Royal Hawk: Vol VII No. 743 – Part 4b

If you do a search engine search of the Terms COLONIAS or Illegal Subdivision in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisisana, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California you will find that there are THOUSANDS of these WHITEWATER style land fraud schemes …

  • Author: Hwnwahine

The Greatest Texas Bank Job / Felonious Colonias … Land

Jul 02, 2015 · In brief, County complained of Du ROI’s development of “The Wilderness”, an unrecorded subdivision of land. County contended that the counterclaim below involved solely the controversy between it and Du ROI regarding “The Wilderness”, attempting to defeat recovery of attorney’s fees under the Declaratory Judgments Act.

[CTRL] [2] The Great Texas Bank Job – The Mail Archive

Jun 16, 2000 · Federal, State and local Authorities, including the FDIC, FBI, RTC, Texas State Attorney General, Montgomery County Attorney as well as the Montgomery County Commissioners are currently Stonewalling Witham’s Marathon Efforts to gain access to the names or identities of the Financial Institutions, Land DevelopersLand Owners and Real Estate Brokers that developed, financed, and marketed the more than 60 Thousand Acres of completely Illegal

  • Author: Kris Millegan



Click to access Subdivisions.pdf

homes and lots in residential subdivisions and planned communities. In these subdivisions and communities, there is usually a homeowners association that may be responsible for maintaining the common areas of the development and the enforcement of “restrictive covenants.” Many purchasers seek residential subdivisions and planned

Illegal Subdivision Causes Nightmare for Many – Trey …

Jul 13, 2016 · Illegal Subdivision Causes Nightmare for Many Posted on July 13, 2016 July 13, 2016 by Trey Wilson — San Antonio Real Estate Attorney Unplatted Subdivision Reveals Problems Associated with Contracts for Deed and Limited Land Use Oversight.

illegal subdivision of land – Archive – FindLaw Answers

Jul 20, 2009 · Our property is recorded with county and described by meets and bounds. But the city is saying that it should have been legally subdivided from the sellers other 60 acres. He said the only way could build or remodel anything on this land is to get a new survey, fill out an application with the city and then submitting $1,500.00.

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